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Flexible Mortgage to buy property

A flexible mortgage gives a borrower much more control over their finances. As the name suggests a flexible mortgage means having the facility to over pay or even underpay your mortgage, in accordance with what your finances allow. Not only that, a flexible mortgage should allow you the following financial control:

Allow you to over pay on your mortgage repayments to allow you to decrease the value of the mortgage
Allow you to underpay for when you do not have sufficient funds available
Allow you to borrow back money from the mortgage when you have overpaid
Take payment holidays

Paying interest on a smaller loan amount when you make payments


A One of the major benefits of this type of loan is that it is designed to take our flexible and changing lifestyles into account. They are useful for people with changing working environments and finances. Some loans even allow you the luxury of taking a holiday from repayments of up to 6 months for your property mortgage. This offers a great amount of flexibility for people who say are planning to start a family or generally need to take some time out from work.

The repayment holiday period, however, will have to be agreed with your lending company. You r lender will deal with the holiday period by either increasing you repayments in the future or increasing the overall loan period accordingly.

There are various mortgage products that can be offered to a borrower that range from discounted mortgages, fixed rate flexible loans to a tracker loan.

All the different products have benefits and will suit some people and not others. We will work closely with you to guide you through the facts and figures to help you decide on the most suitable deal.

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