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Flexible offset mortgage

As one of the most convenient mortgages available, flexible offset mortgage ensures that you can overpay, underpay, take payment holidays, borrow your overpayments back, get exempted from early repayment charges and calculate your interest daily. But do flexible offset mortgages help you save some money?

The best feature of a flexible offset mortgage is that you can make overpayments. If that does not sound good to you, you can even borrow back your payments, choose not to make repayments for a month, or maybe even two, when you are feeling your budget tightened up by expenditure.


Different lenders apply different conditions of overpayment. For example, some lenders limit the per month overpayments of their borrowers a maximum of a certain amount like £500, while others allow borrowers to make an annual overpayment up to a certain portion or percentage of the loan, such as 10%.

Moreover, what really makes this mortgage type flexible is the fact that there are no early repayment penalties, through which you can save yourself thousands of pounds. You can exit the mortgage whenever you want, and will not have to pay ERC or exit repayment charges. But these days many flexible rates are being offered in the shape of fixed rate mortgages, or with discounts.

Another important feature of flexible mortgages is that interest is calculated daily, which ensures that your overpayment instantly contributes to bring down your loan.


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