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Getting a mortgage with bad credit

If you are looking at getting a mortgage with bad credit then it is a good idea to check out your credit report at least once a year or before any major purchases such as a car or house. Your credit report shows all of the information you have on file at one or all of the two major credit reporting agencies: Equifax and Experian. Each of these agencies, or credit bureaus, compiles their information separately so it may be worthwhile to check more than one of them

Checking and rechecking your credit report will not harm your credit score, as long as you use one of the major credit bureaus or an organization that is authorized to provide credit reports.


Knowing your credit score and understanding the information in your credit report can help you in finding a lender, even if your credit score is low. By knowing the information in your credit report, you can begin by looking for low credit score loans rather than those that are designed for people with higher scores, and you may be able to anticipate and better explain problems that loan officers may see in your credit history

Getting a mortgage with bad credit is not completely out of the question for individuals who have low credit scores. Some lenders have mortgage options that will work for people with low scores, and mortgage lenders will consider many factors beyond just the credit score. Many companies also exist that can help you find a lender who might offer you a low credit score loan. For example, our mortgage broker service can use clients’ profiles to search a nationwide network of lenders and find mortgage lenders that will provide offers immediately


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