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Mortgage Support Scheme

The home owners mortgage support scheme was set up by the UK government to help people who are struggling to pay their mortgages due to the financial crisis to be able to repay their mortgage by monthly instalments that they can afford. The scheme gives the mortgage borrowers the facility to cut their monthly to affordable levels by up to 2 years. The idea behind the scheme is to help people get back on track with their finances if they suffer a sudden loss of income


The government has worked with the mortgage lenders to get agreements on whether the interest rates on the mortgages can be frozen. This is not however, a mortgage holiday, people still have to repay their mortgage, and as much as they can afford, but the general idea behind the scheme is to defer the interest and roll it onto the repayments at later stages to help people through difficult financial circumstances

The mortgage scheme gives thousands of people the re-assurance that the lenders will be willing to work with people who are struggling with their finances, whether it be a loss of income through a loss of job or a general reduction in income in the household. Over 80% of the mortgage lenders signed up for the mortgage scheme, and includes most of the big high street mortgage lenders.

For people who are struggling with their mortgage repayments, the best advice is to talk to their mortgage lenders as early as they can. Do not let the financial problems build up and if you have lost your job, do not rely on the redundancy check. Talk to a government debt help line to plan your finances properly to ensure that you do not run into trouble with the mortgage repayments

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