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Mortgages with bad credit

If you, like many have recently learned that you have a low credit score, you don’t have to give up on being able to get the mortgage you need. Understanding your credit report and finding a bad credit mortgage lender that is willing to work with you is the key to getting a bad credit mortgage, which, incidentally, is easier than you might believe.


Having a Low Credit Score

An individual’s credit score is a number that represents how likely he or she is to pay back the mortgage in accordance with all contracts. Mortgage lenders see individuals with higher scores as being at lower risk of not repaying their mortgage. Having a low credit score can be the result of problems in one’s payment history, length of credit history, types of credit used, recently obtained credit, or amounts currently owed. Credit scores, however, do not take into account your age, occupation, place of residence, and certain other factors that lenders may want to use in evaluating your risk

The benefit of credit scoring is that it provides an objective result that can be used for comparison in a reasonable amount of time. This means that people can get loans and faster, loan decisions are fairer, bad credit history counts for less as time goes on, more credit is available, and credit rates are lower overall

People who have bad credit scores do not have to resign themselves to not obtaining a mortgage; it will just take time and effort to find and work with a bad credit mortgage lender to make the best agreement for their situation.

Different lenders have different requirements and mortgage specifications, and some residential or commercial mortgage lenders have loans geared for people with low credit scores, or a low credit score loan. Falling below a lender’s automatic approval score does not mean there is no chance; it means that you should find out if that lender has loans designed for people with lower scores or try to work with other lenders

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